Where Are You, Mr. President?

By Derrick Anderson / TownHall / Sept 11, 2021 “What is/was your plan Mr. President? What was your contingency plan when the first shot was fired?  Regardless of what that answer is, our Veterans and their families, Gold Star families, the Afghan people, and the American people deserve

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Derrick Anderson on 60 Minutes

“We still have US service members throughout the world, in harms way, that are going to rely on this aircraft again. And that’s what disheartens me, that’s what scares me, and thats what I’m mad about . . . that we haven’t fixed a problem that could potentially kill more of our service members.”

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Derrick Anderson on 60 Minutes

On this Memorial Day weekend, with 15,000 U.S troops still deployed to Afghanistan, we bring you a cautionary tale of how five U.S. soldiers, including two Green Berets, died there on the night of June 9, 2014.

Fox News: Republicans accuse Biden, Schumer of emboldening Iran prior to attack on Israel

April 19, 2024

Virginia congressional candidate Derrick Anderson joins “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the latest on the conflict between Israel and Iran and what the key takeaways are regarding Iranian military capabilities following the weekend attack.

Derrick Anderson Joins Salem: Wilkow!

March 18, 2024
Derrick Anderson, an Iraq War veteran and a Republican contender running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District, was recently featured on Salem: Wilkow! discussing the United States’ decision to lift sanctions against Iran.

March 18, 2024

Derrick Anderson joined Salem: Stacy Washington Now to outline his key priorities for Virginia’s 7th congressional district.

Derrick Anderson surpasses signature requirements with more than double the necessary signatures

March 18, 2024

Virginia’s 7th Congressional District candidate Derrick Anderson exceeds signature requirements, poised to secure spot on Virginia ballot.

Derrick Anderson Discusses Key Issues with Culpeper Star-Exponent

March 12, 2024

Derrick Anderson recently sat down with the Star-Exponent to discuss his campaign, where he highlighted critical topics such as national security, border control, agricultural sustainability, and veterans’ affairs.

Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN) announces his support for Derrick Anderson

March 8, 2024

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer backs Derrick Anderson’s bid to turn Virginia’s 7th District red, boosting Anderson’s campaign as he aims to strengthen the GOP’s hold on the House.

Pennsylvania GOP Leader Backs Derrick Anderson for Virginia's 7th District Congressional Bid

February 28, 2024

U.S. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson announced his endorsement of Derrick Anderson’s campaign, emphasizing Anderson’s dedication to bolstering American agriculture and rural interests

Pennsylvania GOP Leader Backs Derrick Anderson for Virginia's 7th District Congressional Bid

February 28, 2024

U.S. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson announced his endorsement of Derrick Anderson’s campaign, emphasizing Anderson’s dedication to bolstering American agriculture and rural interests

Texas Congressman Pete Sessions Backs Derrick Anderson for Virginia's 7th District, Focused on Border Security

February 21, 2024

Texas Congressman Pete Sessions endorses Derrick Anderson for Virginia’s 7th District, citing shared commitment to border security as a key focus in the upcoming race.

Rep. Ronny Jackson Endorses Derrick Anderson for Virginia's 7th District Congressional Race

February 21, 2024

Rep. Ronny Jackson backs Derrick Anderson for Virginia’s 7th District, citing Anderson’s military service and conservative stance as key strengths in the race.

Derrick Anderson Criticizes Middle East Policies After Deadly Attack on U.S. Troops

January 30, 2024

Virginia’s 7th District congressional candidate Derrick Anderson speaks out against policies endangering U.S. troops in the Middle East following a tragic attack in Jordan, highlighting urgent concerns for national security.

Greene County Sheriff Endorses Derrick Anderson for Congress in Virginia's 7th District

January 30, 2024

Greene County Sheriff Steven S. Smith backs Derrick Anderson’s bid for Congress, citing Anderson’s strong ties to the district and unwavering support for law enforcement.

Stafford County GOP Leaders Rally Behind Derrick Anderson for Virginia's 7th District Congressional Race

January 25, 2024

Derrick Anderson secures endorsements from all three Republican members of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, emphasizing his deep local roots and commitment to addressing community challenges.

Derrick Anderson Raises $300,000 in Bid for Virginia's 7th Congressional District

January 18, 2024

Derrick Anderson’s $300,000 fundraising success propels him as a formidable contender in Virginia’s 7th District race. With backing from national Republicans, Anderson pledges to tackle key district issues.

Derrick Anderson Shares Perspective on Israeli Offensive Against Hamas

December 24, 2023

Green Beret veteran Derrick Anderson shares his insights on Israel’s strategy to combat Hamas. Anderson weighs in on the ongoing conflict, offering his perspective on the challenges faced by Israeli forces.

Derrick Anderson Secures House Speaker's Endorsement for VA-07 Bid

December 21, 2023

House Speaker Mike Johnson endorses Derrick Anderson, a Green Beret veteran, for Virginia’s Seventh District, praising his commitment to conservative values and determination to advocate for the district’s interests in Congress.

Veteran Derrick Anderson Shares Perspective on Gaza Situation and Israeli Efforts

December 20, 2023

Derrick Anderson, drawing from his military experience, delves into the current Gaza situation, providing valuable insights into Israel’s operations and the prevailing challenges in the region.

November 24, 2023

Derrick Anderson, drawing on his military expertise, lends strong support to Israel’s operations in Gaza and questions the Biden Administration’s response to regional conflicts.

Derrick Anderson Shares Insights on Gaza Ceasefire, Cautions on Risks

November 24, 2023

Derek Anderson, with firsthand experience in IDF training, offers insights into the delicate ceasefire situation in Gaza, highlighting the risks and challenges ahead.

Derrick Anderson Highights Hamas' Manipulative Tactics in Gaza Conflict

November 17, 2023

Derrick Anderson offers insights into Hamas’ tactics, emphasizing Israel’s strategic response amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Derrick Anderson Joins NewsNation to Discuss National Security and District Priorities

November 16, 2023
Republican Candidate Derrick Anderson shares his insights on Israel’s security challenges and local Virginia concerns during an interview, highlighting his commitment to addressing inflation, drug crises, and veterans’ needs in Virginia’s seventh congressional district.

Derrick Anderson Analyzes IDF's Gaza Tunnel Operation

October 26, 2023
Derrick Anderson provides strategic expertise as he discusses the challenges and tactics involved in navigating Gaza’s labyrinthine tunnel system amidst the ongoing conflict.

Derrick Anderson, Former Green Beret and IDF-Trained Expert, Analyzes Israel's Strategy Against Hamas

October 22, 2023
Derrick Anderson, with firsthand IDF training, provides expert insights into Israel’s tactical approach amidst escalating tensions in Gaza.

Insights from a Combat Veteran: Understanding the Reality Behind Conflict in the Middle East

October 19, 2023
Derrick Anderson, an IDF-trained combat veteran, delivers in-depth commentary on propaganda warfare, tunnel strategies, and moral decision-making in the Middle East.

Derrick Anderson Urges Strong Support for Israel Amid War In Gaza

October 18, 2023
Veteran and Virginia congressional candidate advocates for robust support for Israel and stresses the importance of showing strength in the Middle East amid the Biden administration’s challenges.

Derrick Anderson Shares Insights on National Security and Fiscal Responsibility

October 18, 2023
Former Green Beret and current Republican candidate for Virginia’s Congressional 7th District, Derrick Anderson, joins Salem: Wilkow! to emphasize his dedication to national security and fiscal responsibility priorities. 

Derrick Anderson Appears on Fox and Friends to Discuss His Congressional Campaign

October 7, 2023
With endorsements from key conservative figures and a focus on issues like inflation and national security, Anderson aims to bring unity and change to Virginia’s seventh congressional district.

Derrick Anderson Receives Major Endorsement from Senator Tom Cotton

October 5, 2023
Veteran Derrick Anderson secures Senator Tom Cotton’s endorsement in his bid to flip Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, amplifying his campaign’s momentum.

Combat Vet Derrick Anderson Steps Up for Political Service

October 1, 2023
Derrick Anderson, running for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, discusses his journey from military service to politics and his commitment to representing the people who raised him.

Veteran Endorsements Boost Derrick Anderson's Congressional Bid

September 21, 2023
Derrick Anderson gains backing from Reps. Brian Mast and Mike Waltz, enhancing his campaign to win Virginia’s 7th District.

Combat Veteran Derrick Anderson Launches Congressional Bid to Amplify Veteran Voices in Government

September 20, 2023
Derrick Anderson, a combat veteran seeking office in Virginia, highlights Biden’s Afghanistan missteps as a driving force behind his congressional bid, advocating for increased veteran representation in national leadership.

Derrick Anderson Vows to Take on Overspending and Inflation in Congressional Bid

September 18, 2023
Derrick Anderson pledges a tireless campaign to represent Virginia’s 7th District, promising to combat overspending, tackle inflation, and advocate for a balanced budget in Washington.”

Pentagon should end 'woke' hunt for military extremism, says fmr Green Beret

July 22, 2022
Senate Armed Services Committee recommended the Pentagon halt its programs countering military extremism

Pentagon should end 'woke' hunt for military extremism, says fmr Green Beret

July 21, 2022
Pentagon should end ‘woke’ hunt for military extremism, says fmr Green Beret

Republicans Face Off To Take On Spanberger In Virginia GOP Primary

June 20, 2022
Six Republicans are facing off in the GOP primary for Virginia’s 7th congressional district on Tuesday, hoping to take on incumbent Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger in November.

Inflation cripples America's small businesses as consumer prices rise

June 19, 2022
Virginia congressional candidate Derrick Anderson joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss why he is running for Congress and the impact inflation has on America’s small businesses. 

Afghanistan, and Biden’s hasty pull-out, prompted Army Ranger Anderson to run in VA-7 Congressional race

June 17, 2022
A former Army Ranger and lawyer seeks the Republican nomination to run for the 7th Congressional District seat.

Derrick Anderson Talks 7th District Campaign on 107WCHV

June 15, 2022
Derrick Anderson is on with Joe in the final week of the campaign for the 7th Congressional District GOP Nomination to face Rep Abigail Spanberger. He talks about the economy, inflation, the match-up with Rep Spanberger and some mailers that have been sent out by a third party PAC that promote his candidacy wile attacking another candidate.

Exclusive – Derrick Anderson: Democrat Abigail Spanberger Gets Permission from Nancy Pelosi and the ‘Squad’ to Appear Moderate

June 12, 2022
Virginia Republican House candidate Derrick Anderson said Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) “gets permission from Nancy Pelosi and the ‘Squad’ to vote a different way just so she can try to prop herself up” and appear moderate.

In Virginia’s 7th, GOP race to take on Spanberger is anybody’s game

June 10, 2022
Bryce Reeves was right at home in Spotsylvania County, but — locked in a tight six-way race in one of the state’s most competitive congressional GOP primaries — the state senator still had to make his case.

Northern Virginia lawmakers, candidates react to Uvalde massacre

June 1, 2022
After 19 children and two teachers were murdered in a Texas school shooting, area Democrats are offering several measures to combat such mass slayings. 

VA-07 GOP Race: Reeves’ New Ad, Green Beret PAC Backs Anderson, Vega Says No on Ukraine Aid Packages

June 1, 2022
In the race for the GOP nomination for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, Derrick Anderson received an endorsement from a new PAC; Yesli Vega called for spending on the U.S. border, criticizing a recent Ukraine spending package; and State Senator Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania) launched his second television ad, highlighting his “anti-woke” stance.

Memorial Day: Veterans launch Green Beret PAC to prevent another Afghanistan-style 'travesty'

May 30, 2022
Jason Bacon is launching the PAC to support former Green Berets and a Navy SEAL running for Congress in the midterm elections

Derrick Anderson, Alongside Other Green Berets, Shares Motivations for Congressional Run on Fox

May 14, 2022
Former Green Beret Derrick Anderson joins a panel discussion with other veteran candidates running for Congress, emphasizing the significance of leadership and service in their decision to pursue political office.

Exclusive — Former Green Beret Derrick Anderson Angling to Unseat Spanberger: She’s an ‘Opportunist’ Who Votes with Pelosi

April 22, 2022
Virginia Republican Derrick Anderson, a former Special Forces officer, believes Rep. Abigail Spanberger is an “opportunist” campaigning disingenuously as a moderate as she seeks reelection in Virginia’s newly redrawn toss-up Seventh District.

A former Green Beret, Anderson running for Congress 'to serve his community'

April 21, 2022
The pullback last year of all American troops from Afghanistan inspired Green Beret veteran Derrick Anderson, a Spotsylvania County native, to run for U.S. Congress.

GOP candidate’s $400K personal loan gives an edge in Va.’s 7th District

April 18, 2022
Determining who the Republican front-runner may be in Virginia’s crowded 7th Congressional District primary largely depends on how one wants to define “front-runner.”

19 Attorneys General Urge Supreme Court to Uphold Ruling Ordering Full Reinstatement of ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

April 18, 2022
Nineteen attorneys general, led by Indiana, have filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of a lawsuit filed by Texas and Missouri against the Biden administration.

Virginia Q1 Congressional Fundraising Roundup

April 16, 2022
With only 3 Congressional seats expected to be competitive (all with Democratic incumbents), we’ll focus our round-up there. All information from

Derrick Anderson Attends Culpeper Sculpture Unveiling and Discusses Campaign

April 14, 2022
7th District Republican congressional candidate Derrick Anderson dropped by Culpeper today for the unveiling of the Lions Club eyeglasses sculpture in Rockwater Park. He sat down with the Star-Exponent after to talk about his campaign.

Derek Anderson Analyzes Russia's Strategy in Ukraine

March 20, 2022
Virginia congressional candidate Derek Anderson shares perspectives on Fox News regarding Russia’s military strategy amid the conflict in Ukraine.

Culpeper-area community briefs for March 15, 2022

March 15, 2022
Derrick Anderson, 7th District Congressional candidate, will be the Guest Speaker at Madison County Republican Women’s dinner meeting from 6-8 p.m. tonight, March 15 at Fellowship Baptist Church, 725 Gate Rd. in Madison.

Spanberger, GOP 7th District candidates from Spotsy react to State of the Union

March 2, 2022
Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D, 7th, and two Spotsylvania County Republicans seeking to run against her in November issued starkly different reactions to President Biden’s State of the Union Speech Tuesday night.

Derrick Anderson named to 'Young Guns on the Radar' list in 7th District congressional bid

February 28, 2022
Derrick Anderson, a Middle East combat veteran and Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District, was recently named to the “Young Guns on the Radar” list of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

Culpeper-area briefs for Feb. 22, 2022

February 22, 2022
The public is invited to free Health Matters program at noon today, Feb. 22 at Powell Wellness Center in Culpeper.

Biden, with Spanberger in Culpeper, urges lower prescription drug prices

February 10, 2022
President Joe Biden visited a heavily Republican rural stronghold in Virginia on Thursday to join Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-7th, to push Congress to take action on proposals to reduce the price of insulin and other prescription drugs.

Spanberger ends year with $3 million in bank as midterm campaign fields take shape

February 1, 2022
Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-7th, ended last year with $3 million in the bank to defend her congressional seat, now anchored in Northern Virginia instead of the Richmond suburbs, in midterm elections to determine political control of Congress.

Derrick Anderson gets endorsement from rival in 7th District bid, says he's raised $290,000 for campaign

January 27, 2022
Derrick Anderson won an endorsement from a former rival in the crowded field of Republican challengers to Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger in the new 7th Congressional District.

Derrick Anderson seeks to challenge Spanberger in new 7th as GOP field takes shape

January 6, 2022
Derrick Anderson, a former Green Beret with six tours of duty in overseas conflicts for the U.S. Army, is making clear he’s still in the race to represent the newly configured 7th Congressional District, which includes his native Spotsylvania County.

It's Time Virginia's 7th District Had Real Leadership in Washington

October 15, 2021
Several weeks ago, my family and I visited a familiar camping spot at Lake Anna in Central Virginia.  At the time, the withdrawal in Afghanistan had been announced and was underway, the debate over the infrastructure bill was beginning to take form, and Virginia as a whole became the national battleground for public education. 

Derrick Anderson Launches Congressional Bid in Virginia's 7th District

October 22, 2021
Derrick Anderson, a former Green Beret with deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, enters the political arena, driven by his frustration with the Biden Administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and a steadfast commitment to serving the constituents of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

Central Virginia Native and Combat Veteran Vies for Congressional Seat

October 15, 2021
Derrick Anderson kicks off his congressional campaign, emphasizing his dedication to infrastructure investment and rural development in Central Virginia.

Where Are You, Mr. President?

September 11, 2021
This past June, I visited the graves of two of my former Green Berets, Jason McDonald and Scott Studenmund.  Both interred at Arlington National Cemetery, and both killed on June 9, 2014 in the largest friendly fratricide incident in the history of our war in Afghanistan.

Making The Right Call In The Moment, For The Long Term

July 11, 2018
“I’m the commander of this team. This is my team. I miss my guys tremendously. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing that myself or my Team Sergeant did that day or failed to do that day that caused that incident to happen. There’s a thousand different things that can happen during firefight missions. We made the decisions that we thought were best at the time on the ground for the guys that were getting shot at.”